ATOA logo


ATOA Stands for ATOM to Application and the ATOA logo exemplify this moto. ATOA bridges, atom to application by simulation for innovative engineering product development, engineered from atomic scale to Macro scale of engineering and all the way to user experience scale. The spheres and color represent the atom to Application Bridge, from the material unity level to unlimited application opportunity.

ATOA logo is a 2D front view of 3D ATOA Pyramid. Ancient, golden rectangle and golden ratio principle is used to construct the pyramid. These design parameters are used as a symbolic depiction of the growth of scientific determinism or predictive engineering or simulation from the primordial knowledge base .

The white background and black monogram theme is used to highlight the reality of duality, Evil to Good, Wave Particle duality. The choices of colors for the spheres are selected to represent the unlimited opportunity for creation, from the limited resources with Black and white simplicity.

The millions of color, we perceive can be made by mixing the three fundamental red, green, and blue colors of light. The left side red, green, and blue color spheres represent the fundamental and limited availability of resources. The right side, light blue, magenta, and yellow spheres, represents the unlimited opportunity. The central sphere represents the planet, where we live, connecting the source to applications.

For example, light blue color is made by mixing Green and blue, magenta is made by mixing red and blue, and yellow is made by mixing red and green. If we additive mix red, green, and blue light, we will get white. If we subtractive mix red, green, and blue colors, all so if we mix all the colors, we will get black. If there is no light, then also, we will get black. The black and white color theme represents these extreme limits. The overall color theme represents the extreme limits and the millions of possibility between those extremes.

The material unity vision is embedded in the logo as red, green, and blue spheres. These spheres are ascribed to quarks according to quantum chromodynamics. Quarks are elementary sub atomic matter particle. Most of the matter we see around us, you, me, and the universe is made from protons and neutrons, which are composed of quarks. Atom, the smallest constituent units of matter, from Hydrogen to Ununoctium are made from these fundamental building blocks. From these basic building blocks of chemistry, simple and complex molecules are synthesized to create materials. From Materials, innovative engineering products are made. ATOA enables innovative applications development, a reality envisaged through computer Aided Engineering (CAE) simulations.

In a nutshell, These spheres represents, ATOA’s atom to Application Simulation capability for the benefit of our clients. The color scheme represents, Creation of unlimited innovative applications from the fundamental and limited resource for the benefit of our planet and sentient beings.

There is also more hidden messages in the ATOA logo, which will be revealed soon…

In addition, I am sure; the logo will mean something more than what is described here

and some special meaning to you, If, so please write your views at the comments column below.